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Compliance Manager - ZPro Solutions
Accounting & Commerce, Finance, Compliance
Competencies & Skills Required:
Business & Financial Analysis, Communication, Problem Solving
Gender Required:
Job Workplace:
Remote (Home-based)
Job Type:
Full-Time, Part-Time
Career Level:
Entry/Starting, Experienced, Middle
Education Required:
Bachelor's Degree
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Accounting degree. 

- Certification work (Annual renewal, new certification; check state requirements, affidavits, notarize, send documents, follow up). 
- Maintain Certification Log for ZPro and EAM Consulting.
- Invoicing (create/generate manual invoices for clients).
- Keep a record of contracts/ budgeting.
- Maintaining QuickBooks.
- Manage accounts payable & account receivables (maintaining report).
- Maintaining Overhead (direct labor, PTO, Indirect labor, expenses, bonus).
- Manage workers’ comp./ business insurance / professional liability insurance.
- Manage payroll.
- Send pay stubs to all employees and maintain a record (pay stubs, I-9, W-4, expenses, W-2).
- Meetings/ calls with the accountant/lawyer for payroll, state taxes, and new employees (as and when needed).
- Manage/Review reports RT-6 form 940.
- Register/ Renew ZPro as a supplier.
- Compensation and Payment audits
- Work with CPA for Tax returns.
- Professional email etiquettes
- Check bank account and maintain report
- Reconcile expenses.
- Send wires.

Candidates from Pakistan and India are encouraged to apply.